MA 221 Calculus 2


Review of Differentiation and Integration
Review of Differentiation
Exponential and logarithmic functions derivatives. Logarithmic differentiation. Review of integration and substitution
Integrals of exponential functions. Integrals producing logarithmic functions
Integrals producing logarithmic functions. Definite integrals, Left and Right Sums
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Areas between curves

Volumes. Average Value. Matlab
Area vetween three curves. Volume of revolution, x-axis
Volumes of revolution, x-axis part 2, y-axis
Average value. Matlab, part 1

Inverse trigonometric functions. L'Hopital. Matlab
Inverse trigonometric functions
Inverse trigonometric functions, part 2. Finding work, Hook's law
L'Hopital's rule. Assignment 2 questions. Matlab, part 2
L'Hopital's rule, part 2
Exam 1 material review

Improper integral. Integration by parts. Partial Fractions. Trigonometric integration
Improper integrals intro
Improper integrals
Integration by parts, part 1
Integration by parts, part 2. "Combo" problems. Project 1 overview
Partial Fractions
Partial fraction, part 2. Trigonometric functions integration, part 1
Trigonometric functions integration, part 2. Project 1 questions

Arc length, surface area. Trapezoidal and Simpson's sums.
Arc length. Suface area
Trapezoidal and Simpson's Sums
Center of mass. Recursive integration. Assignment 3 questions
Exam 2 material review

Differential Equations
Separable differentrial equation
Euler's Method. Autonomous differential equations
Autonomous differential equations. Applications
Modeling using differential equations. Matlab
Linear differential equation

Parametric Curves
Parametric curves, part 1
Parametric curves, part 2. Assignment 4 questions
Parametric curves, part 3. Review
Exam 3 material review

Polar coordinates. Taylor polynomial.
Polar coordinates introduction
Area in polar coordinates
Area and length in polar coordinates
Polar coordinates, practice problems
Taylor polynomial, part 1. Project 2 questions
Taylor polynomial, part 2

Review for the final exam.
Polar coordinates and Taylor polynomials review (Assignment 5)
Review of the exam 1 to 3 material
Final exams message