UMD student comments

Lia is the best TA I've ever seen. She puts a tremendous amount of effort into her teaching and really cares and respects her students (Fall 2000)
Lia was an excellent T/A & showed respect for each Student. She showed a great interest in us actually understanding the material & she was just a wonderful teacher! (Fall 1997)
This TA was the best discussion instructor I have had at the university. She was clear and thorough in her explanations, and very willing to help everyone learn. (Fall 2000)
I think that she did a great job teaching the course. She went at a good speed, which kept the class interesting. She was also very helpful outside of class. (Spring 1998)
Explained the material very well; She cares about her students' comprehension of the subject matter (Fall 2000)
Lia is the most friendly teacher I have had in college. She knows her stuff and teaches it very well. (Spring 2001)
teaching & explanations were great. They always either reinforced the main & important concept or clarified them. (Fall 2000)
Lia Vas is an excellent TA. She cares about her students and knows this material exceptionally well. She is great. (Fall 2000)
Lia is just great. Gives out helpful tricks and everything. She is very clear and organized and atentive to the students. (Fall 1998)
Lia was very helpful in offering an additional explanation of the course topics. Her out-of-class availability & instruction was excellent. (Fall 1998)
Ms. Vas has been the best math professor I have had at this school. She made the content seem interesting (Spring 2001)
Instructor was helpful and friendly. Gave lots of feedback on hw and held extra office hours before exams. (Spring 2001)
Lia made calculus fun to learn because she explained everything very clearly! She is a wonderful teacher (Spring 1998)
Lia Vas was the best TA I've ever had (I'm a junior so I've had a few) Pay her more. (Fall 1997)
Instructor was above average of all TA's in the mathematics Department. This is some whom I would recomend for an award. She went beyond expectation to provide sample exams and office hour help for the students (Spring 1999)
Lia Vas was very good at explaining how to do Calculus II problems. She always explained Calculus concepts in such a way so that it made it easier to learn Calculus! (Fall 1998)
Instructor was very clear and thorogh in explanations. Explained concepts well. Very available for out of class help. (Spring 2001)
Overall wonderful instructor, gave extra help. Would recommend to others (Spring 2001)
very good explanation on examples and problems, the quick summary for each section at the beginning is very helpful (Fall 2000)
She is an excellent TA. She was extremely well prepared and really gave it all every class period. She had a genuine interest in her students and she was a fair grader. (Spring 1999)
Good TA, knew everything, clear explanations (Fall 2000)
Lia is an excellent teacher. She is available outside of class if you need additional help. (Spring 2001)
Ms. Vas is an excellent teacher. She is very undersatnding and respectful to her students. (Spring 2001)
She was a very good and well prepared TA. She explained everything with clarity and was very helpful. (Fall 1997)
She was very good at explaining concepts and always made sure to completely go over the important information (Fall 2000)
Lia is a great teacher! She explains/teaches the material really well and is there is you have any questions or if u need any help. She is always willing 2 have extra office hrs if you need them. (Spring 2001)
She can explain things completely in a simple way (Fall 1997)
Clarity of explanation; TA showed how the particular topic is connected to other, studied earlier in course. (Fall 2000)
Lia did a wonderful job as a T.A. & was very helpful. (Fall 1998)
Very understandable, knowledgeble TA. Very good. (Fall 1997)
Lia was very enthuisastic and patient w/her students. I hope to have her as a T/A again! (Fall 1997)
Lia was one of the best TA's I've had, she should become a professor one day. (Spring 1999)
Lia's guizzes & discussions were extremely helpful for studying for exams & doing homework. (Fall 1998)
thorough explanations. Great review class before test. Lots of sample test were helpful (Fall 1997)
I have had Lia for 2 semesters now & she has been GREAT! I signed up to have her again next semester. (Fall 1998)
-Knowledge of subject very good, -board work/instruction good also.